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Worship Ministry
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There are many opportunities to help lead and assist the congregation of Christ Church during worship services:




In the Episcopal faith, acolytes are important lay ministers. Together with the clergy, choir, lay Eucharistic ministers and lay readers, acolytes are leaders of the liturgy. Their responsibilities include being a part of or even leading entrance and exiting processions; assisting at Offertory; and preparing the church for worship.


Altar Guild


The ministry of the Altar Guild is to prepare the altar of the church before worship and Holy Eucharist as needed. After services, they straighten up, cleaning and putting away vessels, linens, and other items. Duties also include placement and care of altar flowers.


Lay Eucharistic Ministers


Lay Eucharistic Ministers help distribute Communion and wine alongside the celebrants.




If you enjoy the spoken word, please become a lector and read aloud the Lessons for the day and the Prayers of the People. Lectors are rotated and do not read every Sunday.


Parish Choir


All are invited to join. There is no audition, but you must be able to sing with enthusiasm! 




Ushers are needed to greet, to help locate appropriate seats if necessary, to pass the plate for collections, and to bring the congregation’s offerings to the altar for presentation.


Prayer Ministry


Each Sunday, trained Prayer Ministers are available at the font during Communion at the 9:30 AM service. Prayer Ministry training includes a theological understanding of prayer, how to listen well, how to pray out loud with others, and guidelines for confidentiality and appropriate ministry.



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