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Vestry Membership


The Vestry is the elected body of lay members who provide the ongoing leadership and decision-making processes of Christ Church. They are analogous to the Board of Directors of a corporation. There are twelve (usually) members elected to three-year rotating terms. The Vestry has three primary areas of responsibility:


Corporate Property and Management: The vestry is the legal representative of the parish for all matters pertaining to its corporate property. Under the canons of the church, they are responsible for all financial decisions (with one exception - use of the Rector's Discretionary Fund) and all property.


Prayer & Presence: While the Rector serves as the primary spiritual leader of our congregation, the ministry of the Church belongs to all baptized members. To that end, our Vestry members are called to serve as effective examples of a prayerful and purposeful life, to pray daily for our members and ministry, to give consistently to the needs and ministry of the church, and to be present in the life of our congregation.


Vision & Mission: Along with the Rector, the members of our Vestry are the primary vision casters for our congregation. Listening for guidance from the Holy Spirit and from our members the Vestry asks, “What is God calling our church to do next?”


Wardens: The parish also has Wardens, a position and title dating to the early Middle Ages. We have three Wardens - Rector's Warden, People's Warden, and Accounting Warden. The number of wardens is set in our Bylaws. The Rector's Warden is appointed annually from the Vestry by the Rector and is his advisor and representative on the Vestry, and the senior executive of the parish when there is no permanent Rector. The People's Warden is elected by the Vestry from their members annually, and parallels the Rector's Warden but represents the congregation. The Accounting Warden is the legal chief financial officer of the parish, is elected by the Vestry for a six year term but does not have to be a member of the Vestry.



New Vestry members are elected during our Annual Parish Meeting in February for a three-year period. Nominees must be baptized and confirmed members in good standing; not be an employee of Christ Church; be 17 or older; and be willing to serve. Nominees are named before the Annual Meeting by a nominating committee composed, traditionally, of the outgoing current Vestry members, and may also be nominated by anyone ahead of time, or from the floor of the Annual Meeting.


If you feel called to the Vestry or know someone you think would be a good candidate, please contact one of the Vestry members, or the parish office. Click here to download the Vestry Nomination Form.


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