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Strength in a peace that passes all understanding
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The Lord bless you and comfort you, the Lord lift up his continence upon you and grant you peace. This benediction is said in this format and many others but the intent is always the same, we are calling God to watch over you and confirm you in all that you do. These words are designed to bring a peace to your soul in a world where chaos rules.  

It does not take much to be filled with dread and fear as we watch the multitude of newscasts daily. We are surrounded by news designed to excite rather than illuminate. The old adage holds – if it bleeds it leads! What we are exposed to in these visual or audio sound bites is but a distorted vision of something that may have merit to know but for the most part it is designed only to tease you into staying tuned!  

Our Lord, on the other hand, is reminding you that he is staying tuned into you and your situation in life to help keep you focused, not just on the distorted sound bites of life as put forth by the media outlets but on the paths of life you are required to walk.  Your life is yours and what comes with it is not distorted but actual in time and space. Your senses tell you the story and in real time you respond – fearfully or joyfully.  
The prayer is simple, it is a reminder that God’s intention is for you to face life with confidence and with a peace that passes all understanding.  This peace removes the doubt and replaces it with the knowledge of things hoped for.  

Recently, almost daily, death by violence terrorizes our society. Politicians argue about how to address it and we are left to face it realizing that no law passed will accomplish what we are by grace and common sense are supposed to do to stop the violence.  We can only lay down our hatred and fear by trusting that God has the ability to grant us the courage and the peace of mind and soul necessary to focus on life rather than death – light instead of darkness.  

When we look at the cross we see that Jesus understood this. In spite of the pain and the fear He feels, He puts it all to rest as He asks his father to forgive those whose hatred and fear put Him on the cross. It is a peace that passes all understanding. It is a peace that he conveys to his disciples and ultimately to you and me. The hands of God have been placed upon us in our baptisms and the arms of God, through the Holy Spirit, surround us as we walk fourth into this chaotic world.  

God is watching and shedding tears for the pain we all must suffer but his comfort and peace are granted us so that we may have the confidence to understand that no one can take from us our wills and his support, love and peace which gives us the power necessary to overcome our fear of death and dying.


Therefore, I again remind you, the Lord is blessing you with comfort as he lifts his countenance upon you giving you strength in a peace that passes all understanding both now and forever. Amen Fr. Bill Rex, Interim Rector


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