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Security Lock-up Procedures
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Christ Episcopal Church Lock-up Procedures – After 10:30 Service


Front door deadbolts (top, bottom, center)

Nave lights out (circuit panel in front vestibule)

Moose door (handicap ramp) deadbolts (top, bottom, center)

Baptismal Font door (single dead bolt)

Altar, Pulpit, & Lectern lights out

A/C timer off (next to organist – see photo next page) - Leave on until 2pm if there is a 1:00 service on a hot day

Sacristy locked (and alarmed if there is no1:00 service)





A/C Timer next to organist (same type as in parish hall for heat) – Turn knob to OFF position














 Hallway and Connecting Rooms:

Memorial garden gate locked

Robing room door to Memorial Garden locked

Robing room lights out

Hall lights out

Moose side bump-out doors bolted (bottom and center)

Thrift shop lights out

Great Room A/C off and heat timer off (see photo next page)

Great Room lights out

Chapel lights out and A/C off

Choir room A/C off (window unit)

Choir room copier off

Choir room lights out (two sets)

Kitchenette lights out

Parish Hall:

Bathroom lights out & doors propped open

A/C (4 thermostats) off (See photo next page)

Heat timer off (see photo next page)

Kitchen lights out

Tunnel door locked

Coffee maker unplugged and food put away (if no 1:00 service)

Nursery A/C off (see photo next page)

Nursery lights out & door locked

Sunday school & back room lights out and doors locked

Double doors to parking lot (upper and lower deadbolts)

Back hall lights out

Main room lights out if 1:00 people are not yet on site 


thermostatGreat Room, Parish Hall, and Nursery Thermostats

Press 3rd button from right repeatedly until OFF is shown in the “System” window above the button






Lock the Church

Main hall lights out

** IF COUNTERS ARE STILL IN THE OFFICE: Tell them that the building is secure, and you are leaving. Do not activate the alarm at the Queen Street doors. but PLEASE CHECK that Queen Street doors are locked – unless Rita or Andy are already present for 1:00 service.

** IF COUNTERS HAVE LEFT, please activate the alarm as you leave (assuming Rita or Andy are not yet arrived)

Recovery Meeting Friday, Dec 13 @ 12:00 PM
Recovery Meeting Friday, Dec 13 @ 7:00 PM
Cookie Walk & Candle Sale Saturday, Dec 14 @ 9:00 AM
Neighborhood Night: Soup and Song Saturday, Dec 14 @ 5:00 PM
Holy Eucharist Sunday, Dec 15 @ 8:00 AM


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