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We have several small groups doing Bible study and other studies. All are open for anyone to attend.

We have several small groups doing Bible study and other studies. All are open for anyone to attend.


efmEducation for Ministry (EfM) meets at 10:30am-1pm Wednesdays from September to June in the Parish Hall.

     EfM is a four-year program of study and spiritual development prepared by Sewanee Seminary of the South. We have had EFM classes for several years here at Christ Church.

     This class is in its third year with 3 students studying year 3 (Christianity, the First 1000 Years), 2 students in year 2 (New Testament), and 3 students studying year 1 (Old Testament). In addition to our class members, we have 3 mentors attending the class.

     Contact Kathy Holohan, Jan Morris, or Ginny Slichter for details.

Monday Book Study

The Monday Book Study meets at 10am Mondays starting 4 Feb at the home   of Bonnie Anderson, 1501 Coventry Pointe Lane, Pottstown (610)   718-galatians0339 . They are studying Galatians.

Tuesday Book Study

The Tuesday Book Study group meets at 10am Tuesdays in the Great Room, studyingShort short stories by jesusStories by Jesus: The Enigmatic Parables of a Controversial Rabbi. by Amy-Jill Levine. Contact Pam Snyder for details.

Friday Bible Study

The Friday Bible Study meets at 9am Friday's in the Great Room.friday bible study

    We are a small group, but we have some lively and enlightening discussions. We have just finished the Synoptic Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke, and are now reading the First Epistle to the Corinthians.

     With this approach to a Bible study, one does not have any homework to prepare. The readings are compared with others as to the content. Questions for clarification and searching for understanding what has been written are brought to the floor for discussion. No one’s statements are judged or criticized allowing for freedom to speak or question one’s mind. Reading the bible passages together encourages growth in understanding about what is being said, why, and how it can be applied to our lives as Christians.

     Anyone and everyone are invited to be a part of this Bible study.

    Contact Nancy Yaskowski for details.





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