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Online Giving


Christ Church has a new way to give!  You may now make an online contributions or payment to Christ Church through our website.


Give by check (ACH transfer from your bank) or by credit/debit card. 


Click Here to Give Online



To give through the website, click the Give Online button near the top of the page or right above this sentence.

Once You Create an Account

If you are a first-time user, you will need to set up your account by clicking the First Time? tab (picture below), once you get to the giving site. After creating your account, you can:

  • Enter your pledge
  • Give a one-time donation by check, credit card, or debit card.
  • Schedule a repeating donation, also by check, credit card, or debit card at your chosen frequency and for a chosen length of time.



Use Check or Credit Card?

  • check icon If you see this icon (on right) you are in the Credit Card Form. Click the icon to get to the check form.

  • check fill formIf you see this icon (on right), with blanks to fill in, you are in the Check Form. To go back to the Credit Card Form, click Scheduled Giving or Give Now.

  • If you enter credit card information, the Giving site will remember it for future gifts, until you delete or change it.

I Want to Enter a Pledge

  • Click My Account, then click Make a Pledge.
  • Enter the requested information and click Submit Pledge. This does not create a recurring donation – that’s the next procedure. You do not have to enter a pledge to do a recurring donation, but it helps us plan and track.
  • If you submitted a pledge with a pledge card, we would appreciate your doing it here as well, as this is intended to be our primary pledge tracking system. If what you enter here is different, the Accounting Warden will contact you to confirm. 

I Want to Enter a Repeating Donation

  • Click Schedule Giving and pick Credit Card or Check. You can do either.

pledge ach


  • Fill in the required information. The information for your check is on the check picture in the same location as your physical check. Change your personal information if necessary. The date will be
  • Enter your bank name and state, and the account type (checking or savings.)
  • Enter the desired frequency, how many installments, and start date (mm/dd/yyyy).
  • The church pays a small fee for electronic transactions. If you would like to add the cost of processing, click the box “Add 2% to help cover the costs of processing.”
  • Click Authorize.

I Want to Change My Giving Schedule

  • Click Scheduled Giving
  • You can Add an Additional Schedule and Delete a Schedule. To change a current schedule, you must add a new one and delete the old one.

I Want to Enter a One-Time Donation

  • Click Give Now
  • Choose Credit Card or Check
  • Enter the necessary information and click Submit

I Want to Change or Delete My Pledge

  • Click My Account.
  • If you’ve already entered a pledge, you will see “Edit My Pledge.” Click that and make changes.
  • Click Update Pledge.
  • Click Submit

I Want to See My History

  • Click My Account
  • If you have already given automatically, you will see your giving history.


Keeping You Informed

You will get an email every time there is an action resulting from your entries, including creating an account, entering or changing a pledge, setting up a donation, and any time money is sent on your donation schedule. This is in addition to what you may get from your bank or credit card.


Is This Private?

The only people with access to this information are the Accounting Warden (currently Sharon Johnson,) the website administrator (currently Robert Gross), and the Bookkeeper(currently Cindy Smith.) Information in this system WILL NOT be made public. No one can see your credit card or bank information. This information is fully encrypted on the web site, which meets the highest standards for data security.


For questions, contact Robert Gross at or (610) 529-3703, or Sharon Johnson at or (610) 621-0043


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