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Flower Memorials Sep. 2017-Aug. 2018
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September, 2017

      3    The Rev. Wilfred F. and Donaldeen Penny by their family 

      10  Howard, Florence & Richard Bealer, Thomas Updegrove (Altar &  Organ) by family

      17  Andrea & Alyssa Baro by their father

      24 Richard Davidheiser by Jean Davidheiser


      1    John  & Mary Hillegas by family

      8    David Martz by his family

      15  David Martz by his daughter, Jennifer Brickel & family

      22 (Organ) Alden Lanphear by Julie Lanphear
            Open date for altar

      29 Loved Ones by The Noto Family


      5    Hoover & Baro Loved Ones by Grace & Joseph Hoover

            (Organ) Gabriel Baro by his godson, David Baro

            (Piano) Frederick and Edith HaasWilliam and Eleanor Ellis by Brian Ellis

      12  Grandchildren & Great Grandchildren by Grace & Joseph Hoover

      19  William & Hannah Jeffery, Robert &  Jean Weller, Robert Johnson by Bill and Sharon Johnson

      26  Joseph & Elizabeth Parkhurst, Joseph L. Parkhurst, Malcolm P. Parkhurst, Christine Parkhurst

           by The Laidig Family


      3    Mary Sands Gochnaur, Charles R. Gochnaur, Luther Rife by Judith (Gochnaur) Rife and family

            (Organ) Richard Davidheiser by Jean Davidheiser

13  Carter & Mittan Families by Olin and Jeannette Mittan

      17  F. Eugene Ackerman by family

      24  Poinsettias by Parishioners

      31 Poinsettias by Parishioners

January 2018

      7    Ann M. Beatty by her daughter, Deborah Page

            (Organ) Richard Davidheiser by Jean Davidheiser

      14  Lawrence & Gloria Baro by their family

      28  William & Hannah Jeffery by Bill & Sharon Johnson


      4    Merrill Stoudt, Ethel Campbell by Richard & Connie Stoudt

      11  Rudolph & Martha Laidig by Kent and Stephanie Laidig

      18  Richard Davidheiser by Jean Davidheiser

            (Organ) Alden Lanphear by Julie Lanphear
      25  David Martz by his family


      4    Open Date

      11  Henry & Grace Ancona, Robert & Jane Lewis by Vicky Murphy & family

      18  Wayne Griffith by Nephews Andrew, Peter, & James Druckenmiller

      25  Palm Sunday (Robin Rhoads Family)


     1     Easter Day (lilies by parishioners)

     8    Pershing & Ozelma Gross by Robert Gross & Dixie Andrus

     15  Robert Sr., Julia, Robert Jr., Margaret & William Shaner by their family 

     22  Ed & Dorothy Mitchell by their family

     29  Loved Ones by the Noto family


      6    Jack & Jeff Edgerton & Loved Ones by The Edgerton Family

      13  (Mothers’ Day) Ellen Keogh by her family

      20  Anthony R. Baro & Loved Ones by Mary Baro & family

      27  Joseph & Anna Fisher by Barbara F. Ackerman & family


      3    (Altar & Organ) Earl R. Strange, Geraldine Strange, Earl R. Strange Jr.,  Jack Strange, Joan

            Strange, Mary & Emma Clark, Mary & Ottaviano Menicucci by Richard / Rose Strange

      10  Phyllis Rhoads by her family

            (Organ) Loma & Sam Andrus by Robert Gross & Dixie Andrus

      17  Baby Boy Baro, Lawrence & Gloria Baro by their family

      24  Corporal Donald Slichter, Carrie & Walter Slichter, Bud & Jeannette Ackerman, Johnathan

            Grill, Chris Kalocai by The Slichter Family


      1    Dominick, Elizabeth & Shane Chieffo by their family

      8    Genevieve Schaeffer by family

      15  Melvin & Fern Stoudt by Richard & Connie Stoudt

      22  John & Gloria Aulenbach by Grace & Joseph Hoover

      29 Richard Davidheiser by Jean Davidheiser


      5    Dominick Durante III by Bob & Kathy Roth

      12  Al & Rosemary Hartman by Alison Embody

      19  Louis & Elsie Carlier by bequest

      26  Thanksgiving for Grandchildren by Bill & Miriam Spade


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          church office…610-323-2895

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