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The Deacon's Page

Wanna Help?

Christ Episcopal Church has a long history of ministering to those in need in Pottstown. Eachcoleman dennis Monday we host a meal for 60+ people in our parish hall. You are invited to “Come and See” if you would like to get to know us and the community in need.

Christ Church also has a Thrift Shop that is open every Wednesday morning. They sell very nice donated items, very cheap.

It is also an opportunity to provide much needed items. You are welcome to come and engage in distributing these items to our fellow Pottstonians. Here are some suggestions.

  • Laundry Kits. Fill a gallon freezer bag with two laundry pods, two dryer sheets, one tall kitchen bag and five dollars in quarters. An inspirational note is nice. This will provide two loads of laundry. We distribute these individually, when the need is sincere.
  • Socks!
  • Unisex Blessing Bags. Place in a bag, necessary toiletry items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, hand sanitizer, tissues, deodorant, razors, personal wipes and other items that you deem necessary. Trial sizes are ok. Small snacks. Use your imagination! A personal note is nice.
  • Feminine products. We are collecting feminine products to distribute to women locally as well as in local middle and high schools. These would include Tampons and Maxi-Pads in a variety of absorbencies as well as single packets of feminine hygiene wipes (not alcohol wipes)
  • Redner’s Gift cards, McDonalds cards, Wawa gift cards, five or ten dollars.

Other ideas are up for discussion, but they should be based on real gaps that folks are experiencing.


Finally, people often just need a few bucks. We are quite careful in giving out money but do so when we feel confident of a genuine need. Most often we are asked for help with bus fare and money for a medical co-pay. If you would like to help with that, a check can be sent to:

  • Deacon's Discretionary Fund, sent to Christ Episcopal Church,316 E. High St. Pottstown, Pa. 19464

You can contact us or come by to chat about your ideas to serve.

Deacon Dennis Coleman  (610) 999-2926

Fr. Joshua Caler, Rector (610) 323-2895

Visit our website to know more about us, and our worship schedule.

Recovery Meeting Friday, Dec 13 @ 12:00 PM
Recovery Meeting Friday, Dec 13 @ 7:00 PM
Cookie Walk & Candle Sale Saturday, Dec 14 @ 9:00 AM
Neighborhood Night: Soup and Song Saturday, Dec 14 @ 5:00 PM
Holy Eucharist Sunday, Dec 15 @ 8:00 AM


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